Top 10 Cardgames | The most popular card games

The possibilities with cards are endless. From card tricks and card houses to the games the cards are really meant for. But which card games are there? And which of them are the most popular? 

First, let's distinguish between card games to play and card games in the sense of the product. There are two types of card games. The classic cards, are bridge cards and the other version can be seen as poker cards. The only difference is the format. So with the two types of card games all kinds of card games can be played. The top 10 most popular card games that can be played with them can be found below.

Kaartspel 1: Poker

Poker is one of the most popular card games. You have many variations of the poker card game, but the most famous one is Texas hold'em. In the Netherlands and almost all other European countries, poker is still seen as a game of chance and not a game of skill. However, since 2010 it has been seen as a mind sport by the international mind sports association. The poker card game can be played both online and offline and with both types of card games. In casinos and at official tournaments, the poker card game is played. If you want to know more about poker you can read all about it on our poker blog!

Card Game 2: Black jack

Black jacket is also a card game that is very popular. This is one of the best known card games in the casino and it is almost exclusively played in casinos for money. Of course, you can also play it at home for fun with friends. The goal of blackjack is to score 21 points, where all pictures are 10 and the other cards are for their own number. The ace counts for 1 or 11. Of course there is more to this card game. For the complete rules you can visit our blog about blackjack.

Card Game 3: Bridge

Bridge is an old and still famous card game. This card game is played with the normal (bridge) cards. The game of bridge is part of the mind games of cards. In game bridge the aim is to eliminate luck as much as possible. The card game therefore also requires concentration, memory, logical thinking and good cooperation between partners. So are you a team player and do you like to think? Then bridge is a card game for you. By the way, it is one of the most popular card games in the world. In 2007 more than 50 million people around the world played the card game. If you want to know more about bridge and the rules of the card game, read our blog about bridge.

playing cards

Card Game 4: Patience

We probably all know it from the old computers, where you could play the card game solitaire with desk accessories. It's a game, and unlike many popular card games nowadays, a card game for one person. Patience comes from the French language where it stands for patience. This is a reference to the fact that most card games are not brought to a good and complete end. In English, the card game is also called solitaire, because it can only be played with 1 person, because solitaire means alone. The origin and provenance of the deck of solitaire, like many other card games, is not completely proven. Some scholars, on the other hand, say it comes from France, given its name. If you want to learn more about solitaire, and know the rules, read on our blog about solitaire.

Card Game 5: Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights, who doesn't know? It is one of the almost simple card games, and grew up with it. Still, sometimes it's hard to remember those rules, and many play the card game in different ways. If we take a look at the name, we can already see that you're teasing your opponent(s) quite a bit! As long as it stays with the card game... The American version is called crazy eight. For the general rules of the card game you can visit our blog about crazy eights.

Card Game 6: Klaverjassen

You can clovercoat or you can't. Either way, you've heard of this card game no matter what you can or can't do. Unlike many card games, this card game is played with 4 people and in pairs, just like the card game bridge. However, variations can also be played by 2, 3 or 5 people. In France and America (North) there are similar card games known as Belote and Tarbish. The Dutch term for the card game comes from the old term Jas, which stands for farmer as the highest trump card. Just think of the French term 'Jacques' which stands for 'farmer'. The name of the deck of cards, 'clover jackets', was also used in the past for another deck of cards called 'five hundred and fifty'. In the cloverjackets also competitions are played where money can be involved. Read more about clover jackets and the rules of this game in our blog about clover jackets.

Card Game 7: Hearts

Hearts is a card game that can be played with playing cards or on the computer. It is one of the card games that is mainly played by 4 people. But there are also variants for more or less players. In the Netherlands the card games American Hearts and Dutch Hearts are known. American Hearts is also called black lady. This is mainly known from the game that came standard with Windows computers in 1992, just like solitaire! Will it be called Hearts because it is called 'Black Lady' in American and women are heart-hunters? Who knows. Read our Hearts blog to learn the rules of the game.

Card Game 8: Joker

Jokeren is a card game more multiple appointments, the card game is also called: American jokers, jokers, forties, forty layouts. It is an easy to learn card game, or board game. It is played with 104 cards and 4 jokers, so two card games. It can be played at home which often happens, but the card game is also often played in larger groups under and game control and distributed at tables. The game rummikub has many similarities with the card game of jokers. In our blog about gambling, we explain all the rules.

Card Game 9: Donkey

Donkeys is a card game, and one of the few card games when it comes to speed. It's called donkeys because when you lose a deck of cards, you are punished with a letter. This starts with the letter E until the first player has donkey. This player then also loses. It is therefore a card game where you have to be very careful and at the same time be able to switch quickly in your thinking. The deck consists of 52 cards, so jet only needs one deck. The goal is to get 4 cards of the same values in your hands. You can play the game with 3 to 12 players. If you want to learn the rules, read more on our donkey blog!

Card Game 10: Toepen

So the card game Toepen, also called: poking, candying, hiding, grieving or tasting. It is one of the card games played with 32 cards. This is also called picket cards. Picket cards are the cards with the value starting at 7 (and higher). The card game is generally played with 4 players. However, it can be from 2 to 8 players. These are the nicer card games, if you are often in different numbers. Four tricks are made and whoever reaches the fourth trick is the winner. For the exact rules you can visit our blog about toepen.